Aktiebolag. Aktiebolag. Stock company — can be publicly-traded or privately-held. In Sweden, privately-held AB's must have capital of at least SEK 100,000 upon incorporation. AB's are also required to allocate at least 10% of the profits for reserves per year until reserves are at least 20% of the start-up capital. Publicly-traded AB's in Sweden must have capital of at least SEK 500,000. There must be at least three board members for Swedish AB's. An Annual General Meeting is required. AB's are registered with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent- och Registreringsverket or PRV). The Swedish automobile and aircraft manufacturer SAAB is actually an acronym — Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget. Aktiebolaget is sometimes used instead of Aktiebolag, since the definite article is appended to the end of the word in Swedish (Aktiebolaget means THE stock company whereas Aktiebolag means just Stock Company). Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
Aktiebolag. In Finland, many companies use both this Swedish abbreviation and the Finnish language Oy designation, since Finland is a bilingual country. In Finland, an AB is only private (Apb is the public equivalent). Company Extensions and Security Identifiers

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   Swedish company title: abbreviation of Aktiebolag.

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AB UK US /ˌeɪˈbiː/ noun LAW
ABBREVIATION for Aktiebolaget: a legal form of company in Sweden that is similar to a limited company in other countries

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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